See below for a general overview of our RoboCall Dialer Service.

Once you buy, please note the steps involved.

  • We’ll need a consultation session with you to go over your custom phone number as well as your delivery strategy
  • We’ll need your opted-in Number list, in a CSV or similar spreadsheet format.

Once we get the above two items dealt with, we handle everything from there.

Note that this service is a managed service that includes a setup fee per campaign as well as a certain allotment of call capacity. See our Robocall topup product in the event that you use up your capacity before the end of your campaign.

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We almost hate to put this service up on our site, as Robocalls are such a controversial topic. For certain sectors however, they’re an effective communications tool, and therefore worth considering. Robocalls are an essential part of any political campaign, especially on Election Day for the Get-Out-The-Vote effort. Other verticals that Robocalls are effective for are Public Service Announcements and Debt Collections.

Our RoboDialer product is a managed service, in that we take care of everything for you.

  • We’ll obtain and configure a custom phone number in an area code of your choice (some high-demand area codes are no longer available, such as 212 in New York City).
  • We’ll take your phone number lists, and format them properly for the blast, as well as parse out into Cell Phone and Landline lists.
  • We’ll send out the actual Robocalls with our best-in-class platform backed by the Twilio Communications network.
  • Finally, we’ll send you the reporting on delivery success for your records.

Digitera is THE best choice for marketing messaging, including any and all forms of digital list delivery…and we’re now in the Robocall business!

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