See below for a general overview of Direct-2-Voicemail.

Once you buy, please note the steps involved.

  • W’ll need your list of cell phone numbers
  • We’ll need an MP3 file of your pre-recorded message for the voicemail
  • Lastly, w’ll need to know when you want the campaign to be sent out

Note that this service includes 100 Direct-2-Voicemail messages. More messages can be discussed of course, for an extra fee.



Calling someone is still a powerful form of sales communication. The ability to reach your target directly and get right to the point is the last mile in any sales funnel. However, we’re way past the day when the phone call is your only choice for communications. Indeed, we’re now at the point where it’s considered polite to first ASK someone if you can call them.

One way to use phone communication in an unobtrusive manner is to leave a voicemail for someone…without their phone actually ringing! Yes, you read that correctly. Digitera’s Direct-2-Voicemail service can leave voicemails on mobile devices without the phone ever ringing. In short, the target’s cell phone will simply display the expected red dot to show a voicemail message is waiting, without the bother of an actual phone call.

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