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See below for a general overview of Video Testimonial Reviews.

Once you buy, please note the steps involved.

  • We will need admin-level access to your website, so that we can insert the plugin and code to setup the viewable layout of your Video Reviews..
  • We’ll need to consult with you in order to produce and publish your custom landing page.

Note that this service includes 1 custom seat for your video reviews custom landing page along with the work needed to adjust your website so that the videos are viewable.. It also includes your video hosting for 12 months, with a modest monthly fee for the video hosting required after that 12 month period.

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Reviews are so important to a brands digital footprint, especially now that they have an effect on where you rank in Google. The more 5-star reviews you have, the better Google likes it. Add in the importance of Google Local Ads, and you can see that reviews should always be prioritized. The only negative issue with reviews is that they’re just text. They’re faceless, and don’t really show the person who is giving the review all that well.

Digitera now offers something new and fresh in the review space called Video Review Testimonials. With our service, customers can now go to a custom landing page that will guide them through the review process, submit the review for inspection and approval by an admin, and then make the video publicly viewable in an engaging layout wherever you want on your website. Check it out for yourself, we use them on the home page for this site!

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