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Once you buy, please note the steps involved.

  • We’ll need admin-level access to your WordPress website backend.
  • If certain plugins need to be installed, we’ll need to consult with you on that in order to obtain your approval.

Note that this service is prices on a per-page basis. Simply choose how many pages you want to have optimized, and then adjust the number field below before adding to your Cart.



Around here, we often get clients coming to us informing that they had a website done with another developer/company, but it’s just not doing the job. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that most website developers don’t “finish the job”. Any good website requires attention “under-the-hood” so to speak. It’s one thing to make a website look pretty, but if the code and text isn’t optimized for SEO purposes, your rankings are going to be stuck below Page 5 forever.

Digitera’s service to optimize your website pages for SEO purposes is comprehensive indeed, with the singular goal of getting your site to the point where it actually gives you a chance to rank. Our 19-point optimization program includes the following;

  • Core Web Vitals Analysis
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • Minify Javascript
  • Minify CSS
  • Cache Optimization
  • CDN Optimization
  • GZIP Configuration
  • CMS Database Optimization
  • Web Fonts Elimination
  • 404 Find & Fix
  • Prefetching Implementation
  • Image Tags
  • H1-H2 Analysis
  • Yoast Configuration
  • S.N.I.P. Configuration
  • Image Optimization
  • Console Errors & Fixes
  • Deactivate Unused Plugins
  • Internal Linking

Tune-up your website ASAP, and give your company a fighting chance!

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