Media Monitoring


See below for a general overview of Media Monitoring.

Once you buy, please note the steps involved.

  • All we’ll need is a consultation on the type of information that you’re trying to monitor, and we take it from there. Fine tuning might be needed after the initial configuration.

Note that this service includes up to 5 unique keywords. More keywords can be discussed of course, for an extra fee. Service is for 12 months, at which point a renewal will be needed.



In todays online world, media mentions can make…or break…your business in a heartbeat. Take advantage of opportunities, or get ahead of a crisis…these are worthy goals to be sure. However, staying informed in a data-driven manner is much easier said than done. Google Alerts is at best a rudimentary tool that doesn’t nearly go far enough, and most of the other so-called “advanced tools” are often no more than a “bad engine inside a Fiero body”, if you remember those days.

Digitera’s service for Media Monitoring offers a best-in-class solution, with daily emails sent to your inbox every morning that measure various aspects around your chosen keywords, including the following.

  • Narratives
  • Object Extraction
  • Sentiment Analysis

We’ll place the more relevant articles at the top of the list, so that you get the information you need in a timely manner. Act upon sales opportunities, stay informed on governmental issues that affect your business or step ahead of a growing crisis…whatever your need for timely information that’s in the public domain, we’ll take care of you.

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