Email Scraper by Domain


See below for a general overview of Email Scraper by Domain.

Once you buy, please note the steps involved.

  • We’ll simply need a CSV of the list of website URLs that you want to extract emails from. This could come from you directly, or you can feel free to use one of our many data collection services to extract URls from the platform of your choice.

Note that this service is based on a single CSV containing up to 25 URLs. More pages can be discussed of course, for an extra fee.

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Building a Cold Email List (still legal under CAN-SPAM and CASL laws IF the email is listed publically) can be challenging with respect to the data collection task. Various tools out there exist to scrape different data sets, including website URLs. However, the Email scraping task can be a challenge, as most big websites put forth roadblocks from scraping Email addresses.

Fortunately, we here at Digitera offer a service that obtains these emails directly from the target customer websites themselves. Used on it’s own from a CSV list of URLs or perhaps data scraped from Google, Facebook, Yelp etc, we’ll take your list of URLs and extract any and all email addresses from these websites. From there, take those emails and add them to your Cold Email List, and send your newsletters out to potential new customers!

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