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Our Founder
Jordan St Jacques
Meet Jordan St Jacques, our Founder and the one who sets the tone here. Learn about his career path and the fork it took back in 2004, that led him to all things digital.

Coming from a career in the Concert & Entertainment industry, Jordan stumbled on MySpace in 2004, and took advantage of this new marketing power to create the first social media profile with over 1,000,000 “friends”…eventually turning FX Events into a leading promotions brand. Between 2004-2013, Jordan became an expert in all things digital, learning as the world learned as to how to use technology to sell existing and new products through digital channels.

In 2013, Jordan left that business and industry behind, and returned home to Ottawa where he launched Digitera. He also speaks regularly at various Conferences and Expos all around the world on the subject of Digital Marketing and SaaS Business Development, and occasionally is a Guest Lecturer for the TIM Program out of Carleton University.