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Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently. If you have a question that we haven’t answered below, please contact us.


Digitera’s primary marketing services lie in the area of digital…the big 5 pillars of Web, Search, Social, Blast, Mobile…and everything in between. However, we are not limited to that, and can also take care of you in other areas as well either directly or through 3rd-party companies that we know and trust.

Our primary service area is Canada and the USA, but we also have clients as far away as UK, Australia and New Zealand. There’s no place on earth that is beyond are reach. No matter where your customer base is located, if they’re online we will reach them.

As well as English, we’re setup to work in French, Spanish and Italian speaking countries. Should you require services in a country outside these languages, we’re happy to add staff as needed in order to take care of you.

Software Development

Here at Digitera, we write in a number of different technologies, including but not limited to the following;

  • Swift, for iOS apps
  • Kotlin, for Android apps
  • Flutter, for hybrid apps
  • Full Stack PHP, for web applications
  • MERN Stack, for advanced web applications

Although technologies such as WordPress and Shopify are commonly used in todays tech environment, strictly speaking they are not actual coding languages. Rather, they’re classified as Web Builder Platforms (WordPress occupies a grey area between the two), and cannot actually be placed alongside coding language stacks. We do work for clients in WordPress and Shopify every day though.

Digitera does not use outsourcers at all. Around here, we prefer to keep all development in Canada and the USA, creating jobs right here in North America. Other companies prefer to save on costs by using development talent from countries where the development prices are cheaper. For us, we prefer to mentor prodigy-level students, and help the eco-system in a long-run capacity. Their work productivity is usually better as well!