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Digitera at PBX 2022

Digitera is proud to announce that our Founder, Jordan St Jacques, is scheduled yet again to speak at PBX 2022!

Digitera is proud to announce that our Founder, Jordan St Jacques, is scheduled yet again to speak at PBX/MEX 2022! PBX is the longest-running (since 2015) Expo-style convention for Photoboothers in the world, providing best-in-class exhibits & education for the Photobooth industry. MEX launches in 2022 as the reincarnation of the long-running Mobile Beat Las Vegas show, catering to the Mobile DJ industry.

Jordan St Jacques has been a speaker for PBX since 2018, discussing digital marketing and technology as it applies to the Photobooth business. Having been a DJ himself in the 90s and early 2000s, Jordan is often referred to as the “bridge” between the two worlds, proffering great advice that you can “take away” and use immediately to accelerate your business.

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PBX/MEX SEMINARS by Jordan St Jacques


Date: Mon, Feb 21st, 2022 - 6pm Pacific Time

Join the authority MEX Speaker on all things digital and learn about a serious competitive advantage you can activate now to surpass your competitors THIS YEAR! Forming a Local Marketing Collective with complementary businesses will allow you to serve your customers better…and empower you to cross-link with them online in order to see all of your rankings increase collectively. There’s power in scale…and we’ll teach you how to achieve it!

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Date: Tues, Feb 22nd, 2022 - 2pm Pacific Time

Join Digitera’s Jordan St Jacques session on Trend Marketing! Learn how to pay attention to current events in your area in a time-sensitive manner that doesn’t require you to read the news all day. Also, learn how to use Google Trends in conjunction with real-life observations, so that both your organic marketing and your SEO gain competitive advantages time and time again!

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